Alabama Symphony Orchestra logo
Representing Alabama     Alabama Symphony Orchestra

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Representing Alaska     Juneau Symphony

At Home with the Juneau Symphony

THE STORY: In the past year we have worked to bring music into the homes of our faithful audience members and beyond by producing 6 virtual concerts from iconic locations in our community including; the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, Sealaska Heritage …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Our Virtual season included over 900 subscribers, allowing us to increase our customer base by just over 10%. It enabled us to provide 68 performing opportunities for our volunteer musicians. We broadened our partnerships in new ways to include KTOO …More

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Representing Arizona     Tucson Symphony Orchestra

Young Composers Project

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Representing Arkansas     Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

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Representing Colorado     Fort Collins Symphony

B Sharp Arts Engagement® Program

THE STORY: The Fort Collins Symphony’s B Sharp Arts Engagement® program is a fine example of a community effort that requires collaboration, communication, and a commitment to creating a dementia-friendly community.
The B Sharp program was founded in 2015 with …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Right now, seven million Americans and an estimated 73,000 Coloradans are living with dementia. Roughly one-third of the American work force is serving in care giving roles. When the Fort Collins Symphony began the B Sharp program, the main goal was …More

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Representing Connecticut     Stamford Symphony

A New, Expansive Stamford Symphony

THE STORY: Stamford Symphony is looking to expand our services to reach not only the residents in Stamford, but all of Fairfield County. Even when the pandemic hit, the music never stopped as we unveiled the Stamford Symphony Channel, a free music hub for …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: With these new initiatives, we are able to positively impact our community by creating more accessible musical programs all residents across Fairfield County and performing more music that is representative of the various communities. By working on …More

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Representing Florida     Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

Where in the World is the OPO

THE STORY: “Where in the world is the OPO” highlights our 2020 Young People’s Concert, our first-ever virtual edition of that program. Using a spy theme and the title “Where in the World is the OPO,” the concert shows the orchestra defeating the evil Dr. …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: “When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down school field trips, we were naturally concerned about how our longstanding annual Young People’s Concerts would continue. Thanks to innovation, creativity, and hard work, we created a Virtual Young People’s …More

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Representing Hawaii     Kamuela Philharmonic

Outreach and Education programs

THE STORY: Beyond our MasterWorks concerts, the Kamuela Philharmonic strives to enrich the lives of all our Hawaii island neighbors and ohana through symphonic music performance and education.
With these three types of initiatives within our outreach programs, …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: These events, as part of the larger project, have created an environment throughout Hawaii that incorporates inclusiveness and a welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages and backgrounds. Including various cultural components and educational …More

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Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra logo
Representing Illinois     Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra

IPO Innovate – Multi-faceted Approach to Partnerships

THE STORY: IPO’s catch words are Invent, Innovate, Imagine.
Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra is an innovative and approachable classical music champion. We are at the forefront of rewriting musical history through the presentation of “new” masters including …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Music is about people and here at IPO we attempt to bring in more people through innovative and multi-faceted programming that bridges the unnecessary divide between classical music and the wider world. This efforts promotes inclusion across …More

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South Bend Symphony logo
Representing Indiana     South Bend Symphony Orchestra


THE STORY: When our annual Martin Luther King Day Celebration was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID, we looked for a creative solution to still honor MLK’s legacy. We were able to schedule a recording in May with our musicians, and a celebration of Juneteenth …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: The response for this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive from the EDI committee to our Board of Directors (who immediately adopted the EDI statement and strategic plan in Feb. 2021), and to the greater community. Our viewership was 3,600, …More

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Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony wcfs-footer-logo
Representing Iowa     Waterloo Cedar Falls Symphony

2020: A shift to digital #wcfsymphony

THE STORY: When the pandemic hit in 2020, it was clear that without live concerts, wcfsymphony could fade from the community’s consciousness. It was also evident that our responsibility to safely serve the community and our musicians continued, despite the …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: So far, components of the wcfsymphony Digital Programming library have been viewed close to 20,000 times. We have succeeded in keeping music in the lives of our patrons and young people, at no cost to them. While employment for our musicians remains …More

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Wichita Symphony logo
Representing Kansas     Wichita Symphony Orchestra

Free Community Concerts

THE STORY: The mission of the Wichita Symphony is to enrich, educate, and entertain diverse audiences of all ages in our region through performances of orchestral music, thereby enhancing the vibrancy and vitality of Wichita. We do so not only by presenting a …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Tiffany Rhodes, Wichita Symphony Manager of Education and Community Partnerships, says it best: “When musicians of the Wichita Symphony perform out in the community, I’m reminded that the Symphony is a really important part of the fabric of the city …More

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Representing Louisiana     Acadiana Symphony Orchestra

Triumph & Transformation

THE STORY: Triumph & Transformation
Acadiana Symphony Orchestra was established to give folks purpose and pride, to give our citizens something to believe in and to add beauty to our everyday lives.
As a community, we have faced the unimaginable. From …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Our TRIUMPH over adversity has helped our community to TRANSFORM. We adapted to not only survive, but thrive.
Together, our transformation allowed us to BELIEVE in a better tomorrow for our families, for our neighbors and our community.
In belief, …More

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Representing Massachusetts     Lexington Symphony

Orchestrating Kids Through Classics

THE STORY: The Orchestrating Kids Through Classics (OKTC) Program
Each year, every Lexington third grader and thousands of children from greater Boston hear a real live orchestra, learn the history of classical music and are often inspired to play an …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: The OKTC program has had a huge impact here in Lexington on enrollment in the Lexington Public School instrumental music program and is now a regular part of Lexington’s elementary school arts education!
When this program was initiated in 2009, the …More

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Representing Michigan     Michigan Philharmonic

Hearts and Minds

THE STORY: For 76 years the history and mission of the Michigan Philharmonic has been focused on being innovative musically, while educating students of all ages and engaging audience throughout southeast Michigan. When it comes to music, under the longtime …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: How do you measure your impact over 75 years? For the Michigan Philharmonic, that’s easy because we continue to:
 Build a history of joyous service to our community,
 Share a passion for music through curated concerts for adventurous …More

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Mankato MSO-site-logo-0
Representing Minnesota     Mankato Symphony Orchestra

Mankato Symphony Orchestra’s April 2021 Brandenburg Concert

THE STORY: Recognized as “a model for what a community orchestra can be” by Minnesota Public Radio, the Mankato Symphony Orchestra’s artistic endeavors and commitment to community have endured for seventy years, since its founding in 1950. The MSO is the only …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: By mid-April, 2021, Mankato residents were hungry for live orchestral music and when ticketing opened for the April 25th Brandenburg concert, it sold out quickly. Guest artists included Peter McGuire, Principal Second Violin of the Minnesota …More

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Representing Missouri     Missouri Symphony

Preludes at the Pubs

THE STORY: Preludes at the Pubs was a program started in the fall of 2020. We saw a necessary partnership emerge as many of our local restaurants were deeply impacted by COVID-19, as were we. We decided to provide music during happy hour as a way to create an …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: We expose people who may not always come to our concerts to classical music from chamber ensembles. At the same time, we allow our dedicated patrons to hear and see us in a space outside of our theater. We are truly bringing music to the community!

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Representing Montana     Billings Symphony Orchestra & Chorale

Buffalo Crossing: past, present and future (Native American event)

THE STORY: The purpose of this project is to disprove stereotypes of Native Americans and combat anti-Native racism in Billings and the region by promoting greater understanding of the variety and richness of the culture of Indigenous peoples. This showcase of …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: This project brings the arts into facilities with the largest percentage of underserved and minority populations in the area. All four of the schools we will be visiting are Title I Schools, with two of the schools 100% Native. Montana is home to 11 …More

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Representing Nevada     Reno Phil

The mission of RPA Kids is to engage pre-6th grade students in a level of music education they would otherwise not have access to and connect them to resources to become life-long music listeners, learners, and lovers.
1. …Keep Reading…

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Representing New Mexico     Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra

LCSO POPS Concert Featuring the Mambo Kings

THE STORY: The 2019-2020 POPS concert hosted a visiting guest band fronting the full Orchestra, the Mambo Kings, a Latin Jazz Fusion band. The February 2020 Mambo Kings POPS concert attracted a diverse audience not typically found in the Classics concerts. The …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: The Las Cruces Symphony POPS concert featuring the Mambo Kings allowed the Orchestra to reach audiences that may not typically attend a classical symphony concert. Conversely, it allowed symphony supporters to experience a different genre of music. …More

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Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra logo RPO_SymbolHIGH
Representing New York     Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Truth is of No Color: Concerts for Social Justice.

THE STORY: The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) is pleased to announce a series of free, streamed musical events dedicated to the fight for social justice entitled Truth is of No Color: Concerts for Social Justice.
For over a year, RPO staff, musicians …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Under the baton of Music Director Andreas Delfs, our 21-22 Season consists of composers and artists from all walks of life. We have also created a taskforce of musicians, staff, board, and community partners to continue the dialogue and discover ways …More

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Representing North Dakota     Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Rocks

THE STORY: Symphony Rocks began ten years ago to showcase the FMSO to audiences who might not attend traditional classical concerts. It is a collaboration with a local 12-piece horn band with the awesome name of Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome. The FMSO’s …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Symphony Rocks is also a time to celebrate: great music, great fun, the end of summer, and, this year (we hope), the end of the pandemic and a new beginning.
The Young People’s Concerts are highly anticipated by the kids. Any number of them have gone …More

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Representing Ohio     Toledo Symphony Orchestra

Forces of Nature: Toledo Symphony Celebrates Metroparks Toledo

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Metroparks Toledo and Toledo Symphony enhance the quality of life in Northwest Ohio and have both been respites for residents during the pandemic. By partnering together, Metroparks Toledo provided safe environments for Toledo Symphony School of …More

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Tulsa TSO-2010-logo-small-transparent
Representing Oklahoma     Tulsa Symphony

Spotlight on Tulsa Symphony

THE STORY: Tulsa Symphony resonates throughout the Tulsa community and Northeastern Oklahoma as the professional orchestra that educates, entertains, and inspires through creative and innovative programming. Tulsa Symphony prides itself on enriching the Tulsa …Keep Reading…

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Philly Pops Logo
Representing Pennsylvania     The Philly POPS

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Representing Rhode Island     Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School

RI Phil’s Cyber Screen

THE STORY: At the Rhode Island Philharmonic, we seek to provide access to world-class, live symphonic performances and outstanding music education programs to all in our community. Historic and systemic racism in society and within classical music creates …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: RI Phil’s Cyber Screen and Cyber Symphony sound system create two new, innovative ways that we can expand access to world-class, live symphonic music in our community. It allows us go to under-served, under-represented audiences and communities, …More

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Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra logo hhso-swish-1
Representing South Carolina     Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra

Hilton Head International Piano Competition

THE STORY: On March 14, 2020, the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra performed the finals concert of the International Piano Competition. The next day, live music shut down. Just six weeks later, the HHSO launched SoundWaves Streaming Live!, weekly streamed live …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Annually drawing more than 2,000 attendees—more than half of which are tourists or visitors to Hilton Head Island—the HHIPC is one of the community’s biggest cultural events of the year, garnering national and international press and attention. …More

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SDSO-Centennial-Season-logo 2
Representing South Dakota     South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

“Lakota Music Project” Bringing communities and cultures together through Music

THE STORY: The Lakota Music Project is the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra’s flagship Bridging Cultures Program. Created between 2005-2008, the Lakota Music Project (LMP) addresses a history of racial tension, creates a connection for native and non-native …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: The Lakota Music Project embraces the following strategies to create each program:
• Provide positive, safe, open space for dialogue
• Explore what our different cultures share, rather than what makes them different
• Embrace the value of peaceful …More

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Representing Texas     El Paso Symphony Orchestra

The Tocando Music Project

THE STORY: The Tocando Music Program serves elementary and middle school students with music education and performance/cultural opportunities at no cost to families. Targeting neighborhoods of high immigration and low-income the program is creating a pathway …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: EPSO events and programs bring the various communities together through music. Offering events and programs that specifically target populations broadens the reach and draws individuals in to all that music can offer. Whether it’s entertainment or …More

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Representing Vermont     Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Vermont Symphony brings musical diversity to its audiences in Vermont!

THE STORY: During the pandemic, the VSO chose to commission five new pieces of music to highlight the breadth of compositional talent – high school and established composers; classical and jazz composers; male and female, black, brown and white composers. This …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: We were able to highlight the creativity of young and established composers from across the US, providing a platform not only for their music but also their narratives that underscored the motivation and story behind their performances. Over 2000 …More

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Representing Washington     Walla Walla Symphony

SPARK! Composition Course

THE STORY: When the COVID-19 pandemic caused live musical gatherings to come to a grinding halt, the Walla Walla Symphony began creating ways we could continue building connection, community and confidence in young people through music. In the summer of 2020 we …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: This program continues to bridge some of the divide created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many young people are feeling extremely isolated and lonely–cut off from friends and social support groups. In this program, we aim to create ways to connect and …More

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Representing Wyoming     Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra

Symphony at Sunset

THE STORY: For over 65 years, the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra (CSO) has been serving the city of Cheyenne and Southwest Wyoming. Recently, CSO, led by Maestro William Intriligator, was thrilled to present an evening of free, musical, family fun with Symphony …Keep Reading…

COMMUNITY IMPACT: We are excited to have been able to make this performance available to our community free of charge, the first in many years, thanks to Spradley Barr Toyota. It was both a welcome back and a thank you for the generosity our patrons and donors …More

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