Spotlight on El Paso Symphony Orchestra

Representing Texas:
El Paso Symphony Orchestra

The Tocando Music Project


The Tocando Music Program serves elementary and middle school students with music education and performance/cultural opportunities at no cost to families. Targeting neighborhoods of high immigration and low-income the program is creating a pathway to higher learning for participating students of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants. In Fall 2021 Tocando is experiencing the highest enrollment of its 9-year history!! Much to be said for kids and parents being done with screen time and now seeing the value of making music!



EPSO events and programs bring the various communities together through music. Offering events and programs that specifically target populations broadens the reach and draws individuals in to all that music can offer. Whether it’s entertainment or education music is a powerful avenue to bring communities, nationalities and cultures together as one.


Fund II Foundation
Carnegie Hall, Weill Music Institute
Citi Foundation

Click to View El Paso Symphony Orchestra’s Video Performances


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