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Representing Rhode Island:
Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School

RI Phil’s Cyber Screen


At the Rhode Island Philharmonic, we seek to provide access to world-class, live symphonic performances and outstanding music education programs to all in our community. Historic and systemic racism in society and within classical music creates many barriers to access. As the largest combined professional orchestra and community music school in the United States, we use our unique model to tackle these barriers. Tens-of-thousands of young people across the region participate in RI Phil education programs. This includes students at almost 90 RI Phil Link Up partner schools, the groundbreaking Victoria’s Dream Project in Pawtucket, RI, and the almost 1,500 students at RI Phil Music School branches in East Providence and Westerly. Through these efforts, the RI Phil is working to make sure that access to music education in Rhode Island is a right, not a privilege. Artistically, to inspire our community, our stage must also represent its rich diversity. This means hiring guest artists and programming repertoire that is similarly diverse. We also strive to connect that stage to the community. We invite our students, partners and families into the RI Phil’s concert hall, The VETS. We also bring the concert hall to them, through live-streaming, as well as the first ever mobile “Cyber-Concert-Screen” in the world. RI Phil’s Cyber Screen can be set up in anywhere , allowing us to broadcast Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra concerts, live or prerecorded, to any neighborhood or community in the region. We can also bring the related Cyber Symphony sound package, plus small groups of live musicians, with or without the screen, to communities everywhere.


RI Phil’s Cyber Screen and Cyber Symphony sound system create two new, innovative ways that we can expand access to world-class, live symphonic music in our community. It allows us go to under-served, under-represented audiences and communities, rather than simply inviting them to come to us. It allows us to use classical music as a tool to unite people rather than exclude them, and to demonstrate that we care about serving all communities in our state.



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