Shining a national spotlight on regional orchestras

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United Symphonies of America!

shining a national spotlight on regional orchestras

On Thursday, September 30th at 6:30 p.m. ET, the first-ever United Symphonies of America! “edutainment” event will premiere online, free-of-charge to the viewing public.  The program will shine a spotlight on regional orchestras in over 30 states, and highlight their collective impact in the life of the nation. 

Born in the depths of the pandemic, the program is the brainchild of an unlikely trio of friends—one a tech marketing maven, one a regional orchestra conductor, and the third a nonprofit marketing and fundraising professional—inspired to make a difference.

According to Jonathan McPhee, Music Director of Lexington Symphony and one of the program’s co-founders, the first-of-its-kind program is designed to reach beyond the musical-performance dimension of regional orchestras to their often unsung value as community builders.  “Regional orchestras contribute to the community in numerous ways, including children’s programs, music schools, holiday extravaganzas, diversity initiatives, and partnerships with restaurants, art galleries, universities and others,” McPhee said.  “They deserve recognition for being the community builders that they are.”

The program also aims to develop marketing and fundraising capacity in regional orchestras.  “In the process of developing the USA! program, we’ve been able to provide orchestras throughout the nation with tools to support sponsor- and donor-development, media outreach, and social media marketing,” said program co-founder Steven Biondolillo, “as well as a powerful new brand—United Symphonies of America!—and a dynamic website.”

The program also aims to raise direct support both for orchestras and, through merchandise sales, to continue the initiative.  “When tuned in to the program, viewers can make direct donations to orchestras of their choice,” said program co-founder Alan Bergstein.  “Additionally, to increase the visibility of regional orchestras nationwide, we encourage everyone to purchase merchandise emblazoned with the colorful USA! logos.”

During the online presentation, direct links will be provided to the donation pages of all participating orchestras, as well as to United Symphonies of America! merchandise.  According to the project’s co-founders, on September 30th at 6:30 p.m. ET, viewers can expect to experience an informational, inspirational and educational hour of entertainment, and unprecedented opportunity to support the many contributions of regional orchestras to the nation’s communities, and to the world of music.


Contact:  Steven Biondolillo

Phone:  781-254-0044 (m)


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