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Stamford Symphony

A New, Expansive Stamford Symphony


Stamford Symphony is looking to expand our services to reach not only the residents in Stamford, but all of Fairfield County. Even when the pandemic hit, the music never stopped as we unveiled the Stamford Symphony Channel, a free music hub for people to listen to our musicians, and made all of our concerts free that year. Now, Stamford Symphony is ready to return with an explosion of new content – including a strengthened partnership with the public schools, more children and traditional chamber programs across the county, and more. Fairfield County is our home and we cannot wait to bring our phenomenal music to all the residents in Fairfield County.



With these new initiatives, we are able to positively impact our community by creating more accessible musical programs all residents across Fairfield County and performing more music that is representative of the various communities. By working on new partnerships in communities across Fairfield County, we will be creating programs with our current and new partners to really make sure we are addressing the needs of the community. Whether this is new, collaborative concert, an interactive storytelling event with libraries, or creating more musical opportunities in schools/local music organizations, Stamford Symphony is fueled and ready to continue to bring extraordinary music to all residents of Fairfield County.


American Federation of Musicians, Local 802

The music is Mozart, Dvorak, and Tchaikovsky, all public domain, so no publishers need to be credited

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