Spotlight on Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Representing Vermont:
Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Vermont Symphony brings musical diversity to its audiences in Vermont!


During the pandemic, the VSO chose to commission five new pieces of music to highlight the breadth of compositional talent – high school and established composers; classical and jazz composers; male and female, black, brown and white composers. This high impact event reached over 2000 viewers, and showcased the artistic capabilities of our musicians in small ensemble settings with three different Vermont-based venues: ArtsRiot, the Elley-Long Music Center and DoubleE Performance Venue.



We were able to highlight the creativity of young and established composers from across the US, providing a platform not only for their music but also their narratives that underscored the motivation and story behind their performances. Over 2000 people watched the three online concerts, which included closed-captioning and sign language interpretation for the final concert’s narration, and a partnership with Music-COMP young composers organization in Vermont.


Boston Musicians’ Association, AFM Local 9-535

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