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Representing Louisiana:
Acadiana Symphony Orchestra

Triumph & Transformation


Triumph & Transformation
Acadiana Symphony Orchestra was established to give folks purpose and pride, to give our citizens something to believe in and to add beauty to our everyday lives.
As a community, we have faced the unimaginable. From hurricanes and floods to economic downfalls, we have shared traumatic experiences – experiences that provoked us to UNITE as one.
Despite the devastation, several arts & cultural organizations emerged from the ruins including Acadiana Symphony Orchestra and became the driving force of economic development in Acadiana.
It is no secret that we are a community that comes together. Despite hardships, we are a community who loves to celebrate. All those years ago, it was our joie de vivre that fueled the creation of these essential arts & culture organizations.
And, together we rose.



Our TRIUMPH over adversity has helped our community to TRANSFORM. We adapted to not only survive, but thrive.
Together, our transformation allowed us to BELIEVE in a better tomorrow for our families, for our neighbors and our community.
In belief, there is strength. Our love for who we are and where we come from manifested in ways like never before. We began to ADORE and embrace our culture on a global level. We invited the world to celebrate us.
Through that adoration and celebration, we reinforced our common bonds, allowing us to come together and EMPOWER ourselves and our neighbors. We continued to cultivate our ability to experience joy and the healing of our own souls.
So here we are today, finding ourselves in another shared traumatic experience. And, just like last time, and the time before that – we are still here, a community of survivors – and without a doubt…
Together we REVIVE…


Better Boost Productions
Laura Carlo
Music used Quiet Place by Johnny Easton

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