Spotlight on Kamuela Philharmonic

Representing Hawaii:
Kamuela Philharmonic

Outreach and Education programs


Beyond our MasterWorks concerts, the Kamuela Philharmonic strives to enrich the lives of all our Hawaii island neighbors and ohana through symphonic music performance and education.
With these three types of initiatives within our outreach programs, we are able to connect with various types of audience – age, socio-economic, education, and racial groups.
We continue to partner with the Dorrance Family Foundation, Hawaii Public Schools, West Hawaii Dance Theatre, and private instrument instructors from across all of the Hawaiian-islands.



These events, as part of the larger project, have created an environment throughout Hawaii that incorporates inclusiveness and a welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages and backgrounds. Including various cultural components and educational components into our concert season exemplifies many of the wonderful aspects of symphonic music that can be shared by all.

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